Photo courtesy of Attwood Equestrian.

My husband called while I was out hacking my pony yesterday. Actual transcript of our conversation:

Husband: Whatcha doing?
Me: Riding. Ugh, it’s so gloomy and cold. I’m wearing my down jacket and I’m still freezing. And can you believe it’s getting dark already?
Husband: It’s 60 degrees out.
Me: Get out. It’s way colder than that.
Husband: No, it’s literally 60 degrees, I just looked at my weather app. And at least daylight savings hasn’t shifted over yet, so enjoy that light while it lasts.
Me: Crap.

I’m a hothouse flower, I’ll admit it. And every year like clockwork when the temps start dropping and the days start getting shorter, I start daydreaming about indoor arenas. Even just a covered arena would do the trick. Heck. Especially if it was one of these, featuring footing by Attwood Equestrian Surfaces. (P.s. Have you ridden in an Attwood Arena? I think that stuff is made of ground up bouncy balls and angel wings.)

Bonus! While it’s not an indoor, check out this preview of the newly Attwood-ified arena at Morven Park. Something to look forward to riding on in the spring!

105,000 square feet of footing perfection. Photo courtesy of Attwood Equestrian.

Go Eventing.

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